Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick Hits

  • Church at the theater was awesome. The place looked great and we made some notes to improve things for the coming weeks.
  • We are showing National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets this weekend at Twinstar Park in Rowlett. Movie is FREE and begins at 8:45 or when the sun goes down.
  • Had several people express and interest in serving with Catalyst. This pumps me up more than almost anything. Very cool.
  • Went to a meeting regarding the building on Princeton. We won't go there today.
  • The building is coming along nicely.
  • Been reading Job in my quiet times lately. He was one hacked off dude, even wanted to have a face to face with God. It has been fun to see the raw emotion articulated in Job, very easy to relate to.
  • Got a call today that our Windstar is ready for pick-up. It only took 8 weeks. Two months our van has been in the shop. It will be like seeing an old friend. An expensive old friend, but an old friend nonetheless.
  • Still loving my new Verizon phone. It is a Voyager and it rocks. I used the GPS feature today to get to a meeting. Super cool.
  • It is still smoking hot in TX. Opressively hot.
  • Heather is at a job interview to teach at Eastfield Comm. College. She would be teach elementary home school kids. We really need her to get a couple classes to make it worth her while.
  • This post is posting 4 days after I wrote it. Thought it posted days ago.

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