Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Recap

  • We showed the second in our series of three movies in the park. We showed Cars and had a better turn out this week. One kid came up to Andrew after the movie and said, "Thank you for showing my favorite movie. He even had a t-shirt on with the movie's main character on the front.
  • Several of us were pretty worn out Sunday Morning after being out late with the movie on Saturday night.
  • We were down a few hands for set-up but we had a few surprise ladies show up. They did a fantastic job of jumping in and helping with the set-up, especially the kid's rooms.
  • We had a some strange sound issues happen, some crazy unexpected songs coming out of the system while the band was playing. It may be due to a damaged electric drum kit. We are still learning all the sound set-up stuff and will get it down pat soon. I remember telling our sound guy a few weeks ago that it could take us a month or two to get things just the way we want them.
  • We got everything torn down quickly because a bunch of people pitched in to make it happen.
  • 20+ people from church went to Double Daves after church. It is a pizza buffet and I am sure that some of us qualified as glutton yesterday afternoon.
  • We had a BUNCH of families gone this weekend. Looking forward to school starting so attendance will settle in to a more normal level.
  • Had friends over for dinner last night. They have young kids like us, we had a blast with them.
  • I stayed up too late watching the Olympics and had a hard time gettting out of bed this morning.

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