Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Bike

I have been looking for a mountain bike for quite some time now. There is this cool set of trails just a few miles from my house that I have wanted to check out. I have been scouring Craig's List and have come up short for the last month. Everything came together yesterday and I was able to get a "steal" of a deal on this bike.

See, I was supposed to referee two soccer games but they got rained out, so I called my buddy Blain who happens to be a bicycle cop in Dallas. He was available to ride along and inspect the bike so off we went. We pulled up, Blain put the bike through it's paces, I handed the man the money and we were out of there.

I was looking for something under $200 and got this bike well under that. We have a bit of work to do with one of the shifters and the cableing, but I should be good to go in a few weeks. It is a blueish/purple Trek 7000. It has an aluminium frame, rock shock, xtr rapid fire shifters, and new tires. It is an older bike, but in excellent shape for it's age.

Many thanks to Blain for his help with the purchase.

Here is a picture of the new ride:


HeatherLow said...

Nice fence:)

Andrew said...

Wow purple. i wish i had a bike. :(
I do want to go tomorrow though.