Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Church Building

Call me weird but I am going to be intentional about referring to the new facility that is about to spring up on Princeton Rd, a church "building". I am going to do my best not refer to it as the church.

So when I am going to head up there, I will tell Heather, "Baby, I am heading up to the church building for a couple of hours, see you later.

I know it is a small thing, a minor detail if you will, but that building is NOT the church/Church. The people that gather each week at the movie theater in Rockwall make up a church (small c) that is a part of the bigger Church (big C, all the other churches in the world).

A church is alive, full of energy, full of love, and active in it's community. We hope to rock the socks of this building, but it is dead as a doornail. It can't do anything that church (people) don't do for it.

I hope we never lose sight of the fact that WE are the church. The facility is a church building. It will help us reach our community but is not an end destination for us. If God blesses, and we continue growing, we may have to move out and be a mobile church again. No big deal as long as we realize that the building is not the church, we are.

Believe me, I am pumped about moving into the building, but I will be even more pumped when we have to look for another meeting space because this one is no longer adequate. It is a building, we are Catalyst.

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