Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cloudy Day

  • Started the day by skipping a morning run. I still plan to run this evening, just too tired this morning.
  • Met with a couple of pastors today. I love meeting with other guys that have been where I am and can speak from experience. Many thanks to Craig and Kurt for their time.
  • Met with Sprang about our worship gathering this weekend. I am super excited about the day. I think the music/message/media is lined up to be pretty cool.
  • Been wrestling with some different stuff. Trying to figure out how to stay true to my abilities and gifts while leading this church. I never want to be somebody I'm not because it may draw a crowd. I don't feel I have done this yet, and want to guard myself against it in the future.
  • Just realized that I was robbed the other day.  Somebody took $50 out of my glovebox and my GPS unit from my back floorboard.  Forgot to lock the car door.  I am going to set a trap for this thief.  A webcam and a fake $20 bill should do the trick.  I am going to buy a tazer and make a citizen's arrest becaue I am sure that is what Jesus would do.
  • My son was kicking a soccer ball around today.  He had no idea how happy that made me.
  • I had to bring Heather some flowers today, actually I didn't have to, but it was a good idea. I think flowers were a good invention by God.  Probably one of his top 10 creative ideas.
  • I am taking tomorrow off.  I hope it rains so I don't have to mow the lawn.  


Barnes Family said...

you hope it rains so you don't have to mow? I don't understand this, and Chris can't seem to explain it me either. Why is it that "you men" pay astronomical amounts of money on grass seed, to help your grass grow and look green...but then don't want to mow it??? ;) I'm jk, but I would really like to know...

Levi said...

I'm not sure, but I think it is the same reason we buy vacuums, dusting supplies, and mops but don't want to use those either.

Same goes for washing machines and dryers. Spend money on those things, but get tired of using them.