Friday, September 12, 2008

Day Off

I take most Thursdays off. Yesterday I had the kids most of the morning until lunch. Heather joined us, we picked up some Arby's and went to Springfield park. We had a picnic style lunch and the kids wore themselves out on the playground. They had a blast.

The kids went down for naps and my buddy Andrew was available to play some disc golf. There is a new course in Mesquite's Paschall Park that I had heard of and wanted to try. Off we went, and after a few misguided cues from the GPS, we arrived.

It was a fun little course with lots of short holes. It was a nice change from the monster course I usually play in Rockwall. There were several weird things that happened/we saw:
  • There was an old dude sitting in an old VW Beetle the WHOLE time we were there. Probably 3 hours, just sitting in his car. What is that about.
  • There was a young couple with a baby in a car in the parking lot for over 1.5 hours. Who sits in their car in a park with a baby for nearly 2 hours? That is crazy.
  • We saw some dude casting a net into a fairly deep stream, a fishing net in a stream? I don't know if he was fishing for fish or discs.
  • The next round, there were a couple of local guys walking around in the stream pulling up lost discs, and they had ridden a go-cart and 4-wheeler through the park to get there, which I am fairly sure is illegal.
  • On the last whole there was another car parked on the street to the right of the whole just in front of the creepy VW guy.
  • I threw my disc and it started drifting right. I began thinking, "Please don't hit that car" THUD! WHACK! It drilled the back of the car. I began thinking, "I hope there is nobody in that car."
  • There was a PAUSE for 15 seconds, and the door slowly opens. I began hoping it was a small dude or woman in the car and that they did not have and anger problem.
  • This enormous dude gets out of the car, looks around and gets back in without shutting the door.
  • I walked up and apologized profusely while assuring him there was no damage to the car, and he just laughed about it. WHEW!
  • Went home, cleaned up, and finished the day with some Springcreek BBQ. A day off doesn't get much better than that.

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