Wednesday, September 17, 2008


A while back I posted a video from It was about this dude that had gotten a terminal cancer diagnosis and he wrote this beautiful song called "Healer". Turns out the guy was a fake. He made up the cancer diagnosis and even tricked his entire family. He would have his wife drop him off at the hospital and he would create fictional reports from the doctor. I will post another video of his interview with a news station.

Turns out he has an addiction to pornogrophy as well. Some serious issues for sure. I was saddened when I heard this news, but I think the song is beautiful and it will be an anthem of his spiritual healing if he allows God to restore him to the man he intends him to be. The potential soul healing that this man will experience is far greater than a healing of any physical disease. I hate that he decieved so many people but am thankful that he finally confessed to the sharade.

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