Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Days

Friday and Saturday turned into long days.
  • Friday I woke up and we took Addy to Preschool for the first time ever. She only goes on Friday, but we all trecked over to the school to drop her off on the first day. She was so excited. It makes me sad to think she is getting so big so quickly.
  • I came home and continued to tweak the sermon. It was done, just spent time eliminating the fluff.
  • Did a video shoot at the church property. It was an update of the construction progress. You can view it HERE.
  • Had lunch and went to pick Addy up from Preschool. We celebrated with slurpees from 7-11.
  • Back home to widdle the sermon down some more and preach it once in my office.
  • I had to referee two adult soccer games in Rockwall from 7:00-10:15 p.m.
  • Woke up Sat. and fixed the kids eggs. Addy is an egg eating maniac, she loves those things.
  • Went to ref some games at 10:00, 12:00, & 2:00 p.m.
  • I forgot to put suncreen in the bag and got toasted. 5 and a half hours in the TX sun without sunscreen is not a good thing.
  • Came home to a HUGE surprise. I noticed that my grass had been mowed and a sign on the door that said, "You've been Served" Heather had mowed the grass. I was so dreading having to mow the grass, and it was a huge relief that she had done it. I was shocked she was able to start the mower. She even claimed to enjoy it. We may start tag teaming the grass mowing around here. YES!
  • Went to a suprise party, came home and put the kids to bed.
  • I am cutting back on my Sat. referee schedule. I simply have to have a day to rest to spend with family. I hate feeling absolutely exhausted heading into Sunday. It is not fair to Catalyst if I am depleted of energy when I arrive.

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