Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Another great day at Catalyst.
  • Music was great. We are doing some of the songs on consectutive weeks so our folks can learn them and actually sing along with the band.
  • Sound was great, doesn't matter how good the music is, if the sound is off it is all off.
  • For some reason they put a movie on at 12:05 meaning we had to be out by 11:30. We had to bust our humps to get that thing packed up fast.
  • Our usual coffee/doughnut/granola bar table hosts were out of the country and everything still ran smoothly. I forgot to try the coffee, but I didn't hear any complaints.
  • Took a cat nap while watching football.
  • Realized how much I like Sunday afternoon naps.
  • Rocked another week of Fanatsy Football. I can see how it could become addicting.

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