Monday, September 29, 2008


I am testing Scribefire, a Firefox Add-on for a quick and easy way to post blogs


Anonymous said...

Hey man, were we supposed to meet today???? I was there at McD's at like 5:55 am and waited for 20 minutes. Oh well...let me know.

Btw, I'm up to John 17. I read some on the a TON yesterday and am plowing ahead today. I'm finding the reading extremely rewarding/fulfilling and yet remarkably difficult. Iow, if I want to get 4 chapters in I'm finding that it means reading NOTHING else that day. I think it's a very interesting devotion that puts the scripture in a place of prominence which is cool. But I'll honest and say that I miss reading the other stuff I've got right now (the 2nd Shane Claiborne book and a new one from Phyllis Tickle). But I've needing a "book fast" anyhow. And this is a good way to do it. :)

Levi said...

Rich, we meet on Wednesdays bro. I think when we get used to 4 chapters we will get in a flow and find time to read other stuff as well. Playing catch-up is difficult and I have had to do some of that this week as well. Reminds me of my need for DAILY discipline.