Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Recap

Here it is:

  • Felt incredibly relaxed for the first time in a while. A couple of things contributed to this. The massage I got last Thursday was much needed and for the first time in weeks I did not referee a soccer game on Friday night or Saturday. Running around that field really takes a toll physically and emotionally (getting yelled at).
  • Took a Sunday off from Catalyst. This was the first Sunday I have been away since we began holding weekly services at Easter. It was great to get away and let our church see that Catalyst is not the Levi show.
  • Boy did I miss Catalyst. I found my mind wandering back to Rowlett especially Sunday morning. Not even wondering how things went, just missed being there with our people.
  • Spent the weekend with my college roommate Jeremy and his family at his new church Free Chapel Austin. God gave him the desire to plant a church 10 years ago and they launched last week with 166 people in attendance. WOO HOO.
  • Spent the night in a hotel with the kids on Saturday night. Addy loves going to "Ho-teels". She slept with Mommy and Keegan slept with me. It was Keegan's first night out of a crip and he tossed and turned and seemed to wake up every few hours.
  • We got some great deals on clothes for the kids. We hit a great sale at an outlet mall and scored over $130 worth of clothes and shoes for $18.
  • We ate at Outback on Sunday. We don't eat at "nice" restaurants very often and it was a nice treat.
  • Realized that we need to stay away for at least two or three nights to make a 4 hour trip with kids our age worthwhile.

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