Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comfortable with who you are...

I was amused the other night when Heather and I trekked into Dallas for a concert at a small venue filled with young people. Most of the folks at the concert where probably 10-15 years younger than me on average. The thing that amused me was that these kids were kind of the "alternative/proggresive" crowd I guess you would say.

They wore their trendy little clothes to express their individuality and coolness, but they all wore the same things. Some examples:
  • Most guys were wearing shirts that were two sizes too small. I get the snug fitting phase that fashion is in, but these shirts could not have been comfortable.
  • Lots of Trendy Hats- I don't even know exactly what to call these hats. They were not ball caps and not cowboy hats, they were like train conductor hats. You could tell these hat wearing people were the epitomy of cool in their own minds. Funny thing was that we looked at one group of four people and they all had on these hats. Is it really that cool and original if everyone has one?
  • Too many guys wearing girls jeans. Yes, guys wearing girls jeans. They were crazy tight and if these guys were created like all the other guys I have ever met, these things could not have been remotely comfortable. They were clinging to their legs all the way down the calf, ugghh.
  • Beards- not a little scruff after a few days of being lazy with the razor. I am talking Jesus beards. Big, bushy, hairy, curly, Santa Claus beards. Seriously? In Dallas, having a beard like that through the summmer? Do these people go outside or just sit in a coffee shop all day warming themselves with their facial hair.
I remember the days of wanting to have a "look". I had long curly hair in college. I tried to dress fairly trendy although I would never spend the money it took to dress really well. I remember this phase of life. I think these young folks I gawked at on Sunday night will look back and laugh at some of the stuff they wore and grew on their faces during this phase of life.

Me? I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. Occasionally I will buy something with a cool screen print on it. I have a big gottee because it makes my face longer and results in me appearing a little less chubby than I really am. I am comfortable with who I am. I have no plans to grow a beard for the sake of looking cool and I will never be seen in a pair of women's jeans.


HeatherLow said...

It was fun and what a great venue. I had a great time. I wasn't about to wear skinny jeans and tight shirt though....I saved us alot of embarrassment;)

Anonymous said...

Those are hilarious comments about the dress style of the younger people that you encountered! Yeah, I've noticed that youth are generally wearing overly small clothing. Which I guess makes sense that the pendulum would swing in that direction away from extremely stupid over large clothing that was popular en masse a few years ago (or is it still popular en masse).

Btw, I'm glad that you aren't choosing to bow to the overly small clothing fad, Levi. You in a t-shirt 2 sizes too small...not good. Anyone in a shirt like that...not good. ;)

- Rich