Friday, October 24, 2008

Growing to love Thursdays

The popular joke that pastor's get more than any other is, "Since you only work one day a week, what do you do with all your other time?"  I have learned to roll with that joke, and not feel the need to defend the hours I put into the job.  I have learned from many guys that are "finishing the race" of ministry, that it is imperitive to take a day off during the week as Sunday is anything but a day off for pastors.

I take Thursday off for a couple of reasons.  It gives me the first portion of the week to attack the things that need to be done.  I know a lot of pastors take Monday off, but that would not be a good thing for me.  I know other guys that take Friday off, but I tried that and never had all my work done and usually ended up working on Friday anyway.

This is becoming a formula that I really like for the day.
  • I get up with the kids when they wake up.
  • Let Heather do something by herself, yesterday she went to a meeting and then the auto shop and got my car inspected and the oil changed.  (I love my wife)
  • Take the kids to play/eat, sometimes at the same place.
  • Keegan goes down for a nap at 1:00 or a little before while Addy "takes a rest" which usually involves playing with dolls quietly.
  • Heather takes Addy, and Keegan by default, to a pre-school at a friend of her's house. 
  • That leaves me alone about 3:00, and I can watch a movie and go do something outside like disc golf or mountain bike.
Yesterday was the perfect day-off.  I had the kids until about 2:45.  Heather had time to herself, and I got to watch a movie and mountain bike.  We topped the day off with a trip to Sam's club which the kids always enjoy.  I woke up today feeling very energized and thankful for the time off.

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