Friday, October 10, 2008


together as God's people is one of the most powerful, unifying things we can do as Christians in my opinion.  I am listening to some music that I downloaded for free from Phil Wickham's site.  The cool thing about this free album is that it is a sing-a-long.  It is a room full of people singing the praises of God together.  You can clearly hear the voices of the people in the room.  I love it.

Some of the most powerful moments I can remember are at Promise Keepers Stadium events with 40,000 + guys singing together.  It is almost as if something mystical happens in those moments.  It is a time when we come together and join our voices in the midst of the crap that is going on in life and sing about something so much bigger than ourselves or our problems.

Here is a link to the download in case any of you want in on the action.  Here it is.

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