Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Good Day at Catalyst.
  • I think we had a record low just one week after our record high in attendance.  34 people.
  • I have decided that our people must get together and figure out when to ALL go out of town on the same weekend. 
  • Showed a 10 minute video that explained the history of our denomination.  It was allright. 
  • I felt like we needed to pay homage to the organization that is supporting us.
  • My fantasy football team got kicked around.  I forgot to sub out a couple of my guys who had a bye.  
  • Went mountain biking with my buddy Blain on Sunday.  That is so much fun.  We rode faster this time and I nearly had an "over the handle-bars" experience.
  • Went to an outdoor concert deal at a church in Richardson on Sunday evening.  Sprang played a couple of his songs.  Lots of different groups each with it's own style.

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