Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Great day at Catalyst.
  • Saw lots of new faces. That simply rocks.
  • I have begun to understand that Catalyst is not for everyone who checks us out. We will not be begging people to come to our church.
  • Felt uneasy about the message, but felt God helped bring it all together.
  • I am excited to see how many bags of clothes come rolling in as we respond to the challenge of James 5.
  • Big thanks to Brad Bloomer for fixing the brakes on our van.
  • Heather and I went to Dallas for out date night to see Steve Fee and Phil Wickham. It was awesome. Very loud, my ears were ringing for an hour after we left.
  • Connected with some old college friends on Facebook which was pretty cool.
  • Looking forward to wrapping up the James series this weekend.

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