Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thursday Night Gig!

Not me of course, but wanted everyone to know that our very own J. Sprang also known as Sprizzle Dizzle, Sprangalanga, or simply Sprang, will be playing at the Starbucks at Dalrock and Hwy 66 (Lakeview Parkway) from 7-10 p.m. TOMORROW night. He will probably play the same one hour set, 3 times as people will rotate in and out over time so there is not need to plan on staying for 3 hours. He will sing some originals and cover some Dave Matthews etc..

If you haven't seen the progress on the building, consider this your chance to kill three birds with one stone. Support Sprang, get some coffee and see the new building.

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HeatherLow said...

are you taking a sabbatical on blogging?