Friday, November 14, 2008

High Capacity Volunteers

I struck up a conversation with a guy in Starbucks on Monday. He had commented to a lady in the store that he figured they were just going to watch game film because of the rain that was expected.

I asked him if he was a local coach? Duh. Couldn't think of anything better but he said yes. I figured he was a local high school coach and I asked him where he coached. He told me that he coached a 5th grade team. Yes 5th graders. He had a bye the week before this one so he sent parents to several games with video cameras to record possible opponents for this week's game. Seriously? Parents at several different games, just in case they may play one of these teams.

He has 5th graders watching game film. Amazing

He went on to to tell me that the daylight savings time had really shortened most teams practice but not his team. He had a buddy that was in construction and that he brought generator powered light towers to the filed for practice each night. They literally brought light. Not the parents parking around the field with headlights on, no that would never do. Light towers. Amazing.

This guy is a high capacity volunteer. He told me that he had lost sleep thinking of this game. His heart is in coaching. He loves it. He leverages personal assets and connections to give those boys the best chance to succeed.

I am proud to say that at Catalyst we have the same type people. We have high capacity volunteers that lose sleep, leverage personal assets and connections to give Catalyst the best chance to succeed.

We have people that give of their business resources, we have people using job experience, we have people building stuff, creating stuff, giving stuff, , and giving of themselves selflessly. Our set-up team loses sleep each week to make sure the theater looks great.

To each of you that is doing stuff that most people will never see, thank you. For those of you that do stuff people see, thank you.

Those that are still checking things out, we encourage you to become a high capacity volunteer. It is a great way to live. I realize as I type this that I am not included in this group. I am not a volunteer, it makes me even more grateful for the people who serve as a volunteer at Catalyst.

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