Friday, November 21, 2008

New Bond Movie

So I have seen the new Bond movie twice (kinda) already.  Sprang forced me to go to a midnight showing the night it came out and I fell asleep for about 15 minutes the first time.  Last night I saw the whole thing.

I enjoyed it for the most part.  We were talking on the way home how these last two Bond movies are drastically different than the ones in the past.  I liked the older ones because of all the cool gadgets and toys that Bond had at his disposal.  I like the new Bond because he he a man's man.  Tough, cool under pressure. 

It is almost like they took the formula for the Bourne series of movies and adapted it to Bond.  Not sure I want to see a bunch more without the gadgets.  This one, Quantum Solace, was not as good as Casino Royal in my opinion in terms of story development.  The story was as good as the action in Casino Royale, but that was not the case in this one.  I give it a B or three stars.

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Chad Bowers said...

The difference with Craig as Bond, is he seems more human with actual emotions than past bonds. Craig's bond has rougher edges. Also, I like seeing M actually being more personable and caring for the agents who work under her. I enjoyed the connection between CR & QoS.