Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Great Day at Catalyst.
  • Band rocked When Love Came to Town! 
  • We celebrated the good things God has done at Catalyst so far this year.
  • It was neat to hear people call out their praises to God.  To hear how God is moving in their lives. 
  • Was good to have first time guests for the 7th straight week.
  • Heather and I felt very loved an honored, the church gave her some beautiful roses and us a certificate for a romantic get away.  SCORE!!!!
  • The Power Point pics were really cool.  I forgot how small my kids were when we moved out here.  Keegan was just a few months old. 
  • We had a great lunch at Rowlett Community Park at 12:30.  There was enough food to feed a crowd twice our size.
  • Addy was crying quite a bit at the lunch and told us her ear hurt.  On the way home she said that it felt like there was "poison" in her ear.  Found out today she has a bad ear infection. 
  • Looking forward to next week already.

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