Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wild Sunday

Heather and I took a night away thanks to Jonathan and Meagan.  Heather had never spent a night away from Keegan without me being here with the kids and we are going on a cruise in January so we thought it would be good for her to take some baby steps away from the kids.  The Sprangs wathched the kids at our house and Jonathan even put Keegan to bed. 

We ate a nice dinner then went and got some coffee and snacks at "Corner Bakery".  Heather got a killer deal on a hotel room at Hyatt Place. The room was incredible.  A 42" tv on a swivel so you could watch it from the couch or the bed.  No crying kids, HD college football, and free breakfast to boot.  It was great to spend time together. 

This morning we heard a loud crash type noise, it sounded to me like a dumpster being emptied.  Heather is a bit nosey and went over to our window to look outside.  It was not a dumpster.  It was a high speed getaway crash right below our window.  A full size Chevy truck had come off the interstate at over 100 miles and hour (we found out later) lost control, slid into a raised median and took out a large light pole. 

The guys in the truck took off on foot.  We saw all this happening.  It was a bit like watching Cops, but in real life.  One dude was fat and ran out of gas and the cops caught him about 1/4 mile away, again we could see it all from our 4th floor room.  A birds eye view if you will.  The other guy went around the corner and we couldn't see what happend, but the cops had their guns draw.  It was the real deal.

A news reporter told us that the chase had gone for like 7 miles at over 100 miles an hour.  They guys were suspected of trying to steal and HDTV from a car dealership and the chase was a result of that.  They arrested both guys and got the light poll moved out of the road.

We checked out after the carnage had settled down and I went throw our bag in the trunk and my car key literally snapped in two.  Part of the key is still in my trunk.  We had no spare key because the Sprangs had our other set of keys as they were driving our van.  I had to call them and tell them where to meet us for lunch.  All was good after a meal from Chipotle.

Tonight we had our second annual Community Wide Thanksgiving service. It went very well.  Sprang and I were part of a small committee that planned the service and it came off without a hitch.  We had whites, blacks, hispanics, pentecostals, non-pentecostals, baptists, nazarenes, non-denominationals, all worshiping One God, under One Cross, in One Spirit.  It was great.  There were probably 250-300 people that showed up.  It was by far our largest turnout ever.  It was great to see so many church bodies come together in unity.

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