Monday, December 8, 2008

Accidental Blessing... (not for me)

At church Sunday we talked about being willing to be used by God. We looked at Mary the mother of Jesus and her response to the angel that told her she would bear God's son. The challenge at the end was to take a $5 gift card that we had purchased for McDonalds and use it to pay for the meal of a total stranger.

It was meant to challenge us to do something out of our comfort zone and provide a bit of blessing for the recipient. I took my card home and was thinking of a time I might use it.

Later that afternoon, I hit panic mode, not because of the card but because of some jeans. I have really needed some new jeans and bought two pair a couple of weeks ago. I wore a pair on Sunday and Monday, decided that they really didn't fit like I wanted and took them back to the store on Wed. No big deal. Take the pants back, get another pair that fit better.

But these were not any ordianary jeans. These were special jeans, VERY special jeans. They were the jeans that I had worn to dinner the night before when someone gave me a $100 bill and told me to use it for a date with my wife. I slipped that bill into my back pocket instead of in my wallet ( I know, stupid move), and that is where it stayed even after I returned the jeans to a local store.

I called to no avial. The $100 was long gone. I can only imagine the person who bought a pair of $25 jeans, got them home and found a $100 bill in the back pocket. I truly hope they needed it more than I did. I had every intention of being a $5 blessing to someone this week, not a $100 blessing. Ha!

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