Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Vacation

Here is an update since last Tuesday:
  • Chilled at the in-laws with no internet, espn, etc... still had a good time.
  • Had a great Christmas, Addy was so pumped that Santa ate her cookies and even took the time to leave her a note.
  • Rudolph ate the hay we left for him outside.
  • We left Gainesville, FL at 7:00 on Friday on our way to Huntsville, AL.
  • This is the day I started feeling sick, sore throat, sinus crap.
  • On the way we decided to make a detour to my sister's place in Dawsonville, GA.  My parents were there too.
  • We somehow made a 4 hour trip into a 6.5 hour trip the next day.  We went up and over some crazy mountain roads.  
  • My sinuses were really bothering now.
  • I preached at Dad's church on Sunday.  I really did not feel well at all.
  • After church, dad an I had to run to the hospital, he had three folks in there from church, one family had a baby and another had someone die. 
  • Then we ran to Wal-mart and bought some medicine and a Sinus Wash.  I have been shooting warm salt-water up my nose for the last three days.  It actually seems to help.
  • Monday, we had our doctor call in a script for some antibiotics.  I seem to be getting worse.
  • I found out today that our van that was supposed to arrive in Huntsville on Thursday would not be arriving at all.  Not that big a deal.  We are good at renting cars now, but have spent over $400 on rentals that we had no budgeted.  Good thing the church gave me a bonus this year!
  • Today we went to the mall and mom watched the kids in the play area (temporarily lost Keegan) while Heather and I went to Penny's.  I snagged a $100 jacket for $15.  I love a great deal.
  • Tonight the grandparents watched the kids while Heather and I met his youth pastor and wife for dinner at Outback.  It was great to have dinner without the kids.
  • I will be sleeping on the couch tonight because Keegan is in our room and I can't breathe out my nose at all which means I will snore a lot and cough and hack and probably wake him up.
  • That about wraps it up.  I am ready to get back to Rowlett but dread the 11 hour ride ahead of us on Friday.

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