Friday, December 5, 2008

Do you ever wonder?

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Rockwall, TX. The coffee here is great! I can't help but notice other people around me. To my right is a group of trendy people. They have a Macbook, a fancy digital camera with a big lense, and earlier a guy with a mondo professional video camera was recording something.

When I remove my headphones, I hear them talking about, logos, branding, album jacket covers, t-shirt designs, and upcoming concerts.

I wonder if I am ten feet away from someone that is going to make it big or just some rich girl that has no talent but an abundance of money to pursue her dream.

I wonder like this a lot. I grew up playing soccer and would be intimidated by people based on what they looked like. They had the latest gear, equipment, the soccer look if you will. I felt like a mullet, never really had the right physique or haircut. I often wondered if they were the real deal.

More often than not, these guys sucked. They had the look, but nothing to back it up. This mullet would take them to school. I think there are a lot of folks in America that have the "christian" look. From the outside looking in, they look like they have it all together, but when you really begin to peel back the layers, they are no different from someone that makes no claim to know Christ.

Do you ever wonder about me? Wonder if I am the real deal? I am. I am the real deal. Sometimes I do pretty well at following Christ, but other times I feel like I suck at being a Christian. Hang with me enough and you will see me at my best and my worst. My best may been seen as pretty good, and the worst is far worse than I want to admit. I do my best to be an open book, honest with folks with who I am. I don't want to put up a facade that causes people to wonder. I am on this journey just like any of you. I am accountable to others about every area of my life, and I mean EVERY area folks.

So, don't you keep wondering about me. Know that what you see is what you get and that I take precautions in areas of weakness and have no areas of my life that are off limits to my accountability partners. I take my call to be a husband, father, and pastor very seriously.

Is this post a result of a guilty conscious? Nope, I am doing very well right now and felt compelled to write during a good time of my journey. So, do you ever wonder....

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