Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally Here

What a crazy trip to Florida.  I drove down after church Sunday and had an unexpected layover in Lafayette (Laughy-et).  I thought the transmission went out as the same thing the symptoms were the same as what happened in the Spring when the tranny went out. 

I arrived last night after nine hours on the road.  I was able to drive pretty fast for the last 4-5 hours as traffic was substantially less than the earlier hours.  I was in a rented Ford Escape.  That little bugger would flat move on down the road.  It also had some sweet speakers, so I played the music much louder than I do when I have the whole family in the car.

I spent a good bit of time on my cell phone.  I taked to a college buddy for over an hour.  It was a nice break in the trip and came at a time when I was getting tired.  I drove 600 miles and only stopped twice.  Something that would never happen if all the kids were in the.

My dad has a friend, Mark, that hauls cars around the Southern part of the country.  He was a huge help as he picked up my van and even did a little diagnostic work as well.  He told me that my transmission is fine, but something related to my brakes broke which caused the caliper to become jacked up.  I don't understand it all, but do understand that it is a much smaller deal than a transmission problem.

Heather and I took the rental back this morning and stopped to grab some lunch.  It was just the two of us, her mom watched the kids.  I love Heather more than she knows and have missed as we have been apart for a week.  We ate at Moe's Soutwest Grill.  It is basically a Chipotle only Moe's gives you free chips.  I like free!  I used to eat at Moe's every Monday with Sprang and my buddy Scott when I lived in NC. 

I was astonished when I got out of the car last night at the brightness of the stars.  It was amazing.  I could see thousands of stars that I will never see in Dallas.  It is relaxing out here at her folks.  They live 25 minutes from "town".  It would be perfect if they had high speed internet. Ha.  I hope to sneak off to a Starbucks and return some emails at least once while I am here. 

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