Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Interesting week

There has been some controversy brewing in Rowlett over the last couple of weeks. The local High School chose a racy play to perform at the end of January. Without getting into the details, it came to the attention of some of the pastors via parents of students who attend the school.

Things got interesting late last week when the media was tipped off that there would be support for both sides of the issue at a School Board meeting last week. People from both sides were there speaking for and against the school performing the play. I did not attend.

Honestly, I was very conflicted as to how I felt we should approach this issue. I don't consider myself a liberal by any means, but I am also not much of a let's look for things we can protest and stand against in our community. I wanted no part of my face being on tv or interviews regarding this issue.

This issue really brought to light the fact that the one thing we can all agree on is the cross. I was frustrated and angered at some of the things that were said and the spirit in which they were said. I litteraly kept telling myself to keep my mouth shut at one meeting inparticular. The cross is the great unifier, nothing more nothing less than the cross.

One pastor called us to prayer and fasting for 3 days. I agreed to pray and fast but not attend any more group meetings regarding the play. I did not want to be lumped in with a group that may or may not express my thoughts on the issue.

I began fasting meat Monday at lunch. I was praying for God to show up and do something that we could not claim credit for. I really did not want to see another Board Meeting showdown or more stories in the paper and on the news with lines drawn in the sand.

I received news today that the principal and theater director decided to cancel the show. This appears to be a God thing as both the principal and theater director had defended the choice vehemenently before today. Truthfully, I suspect the Superintendant may have given an ultimatem, but that is strictly my opinion. I have no evidence to support that claim but I do know the issue was drawing a lot of unwanted attention.

Truthfully, I don't think the play was a good fit for our community or appropriate for family entertainment but I am still left with a bit of a sick feeling in my stomach. Where do we draw the line? It is a public school, not a private school. Folks that don't claim to follow Christ do not live by the same standards I do. How far is too far in making our opinions known? I am much more comfortable building bridges within the community than erecting walls that could hinder future relationships. Does this mean I am wishy washy, too politically correct? I don't know, but I know I don't like the feelings I felt this week. I am thankful for the cross of Christ and the fact that I know I agree with these other pastors on what was accomplished on a hill 2000 years ago.

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