Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid....

It has been a rough day so far compared to most.
  • I nearly bit it as I walked down the sidewalk to get the paper.
  • I was running water in the tub and came out to make coffee, I got distracted and forgot about the water. I had about and inch of water in my bathroom I had to clean up, used every towel in the whole house.
  • I have either lost my wallet or it has been stolen. I have spent the day putting debit and credit cards on hold or having them cancelled. Luckily, I am broke and only had about $10 in cash.
  • I will be washing and drying towels until Jesus returns.
  • I am supposed to drive to Florida next week and have no cash, debit card, or driver's license.
It has simply been one of "those" days.

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