Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Great Day at Catalyst.
  • Music was rocking.
  • Good vibes all around.
  • Set-up was a bit rough with a rouge wire causing all kinds of problems with the subwoofers.
  • Our band is incredible. Sprang busted 10 new songs on them this month and they were playing some of the songs for just the 2nd or 3rd time EVER! 
  • Good crowd today too.  I feared we would take a huge it because of the holiday weekend.
  • I love the Season of Advent.  I am looking forward to the next several weeks.
  • Lots of new faces and returning faces, great to see first time guests on a regular basis.
  • I feel like we have good momentum at Catalyst right now, just want to keep it going.

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