Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • It was great to have my mom at church today.  That happens rarely as my dad is a pastor and weekends are wrapped up pretty tight for them.  Love that lady more than she knows.  
  • Set-up was rough as we had a three regulars gone this weekend. 
  • I plugged stuff in a did it wrong and the power surged twice and everything went dark and turned off.
  • Sprang did an awesome job of leading a song in the dark with his guitar.
  • I preached without a mic from between a row of theater seats.  Never done it before but it was nice to be closer to the audience.
  • Felt like people tracked well with the sermon.  The bobble-head Jesus seemed to have connected well.  If you weren't there, check out the podcast.
  • Loved the song, Come and Listen, that we played right after the sermon.
  • Got to take mom through the building after church, it was the first time I saw it with walls.  I am getting super pumped about moving into that thing.
  • Took mom to the airport.  I always cry when she leaves.  Have I mentioned how much I love that woman?  It was worse this time because both of my kids were crying buckets when the told her bye at the airport.  It absolutely ripped my heart out.  I am crying as I type it.
  • Sprang had a lunch meeting for folks interested in hosting a home group this Spring.  Had a great turnout and good response to Catalyst style groups.
  • Went to our good friends, the Norfleet's hosue last night.  Their cat owns me.  Ten minutes in that house and I am wheezing like nuts and my nose stops up.  Cute cat, but I hate it.

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