Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What are the chances???

So today I pull up to the ATM to deposit my paycheck. I was on the cell phone and not really paying attention to what I was doing. I put the check in the envelope and and went to deposit it, but could not remember the exact amount. I had to rip the envelope, extract the check, and back up to get a new envelope.

I noted the amount and put the check in the new envelope. I look at the screen and it says, "get card back" or return to "main menu". I choose "main menu" and go through the process of making my deposit. Again it asks me if I want my card back and I indicated that I did. So it shoots out the card and I completely freak out.

In my distraction of talking on the phone and preparing the deposit envelope--TWICE-- I never inserted MY card. On top of that, the person in front of me left their card in the ATM.

I deposited my paycheck into another person's account! It shot out an ATM card but it was not mine.

What are the chances?

The bank got is straightened out quickly, but it was a stressful hour or so of sweating it out. I am hellbent on giving all our money away, a blogged a few weeks ago of returning a pair of jeans to a store with $100 in the back pocket.


Andrew said...

Why do you do this to your self. You need YOGA!

Levi said...

Maybe I should just drink a Shiner with you.

Andrew said...

I am on to the light stuff. YOu know helping the figure.