Thursday, February 5, 2009

30 Second Clap

Today I went to a networking breakfast at Jason's Deli.  It was pretty cool as I met a lot of people at this networking event that I had not seen at others.  Basically you paid $3 and that got you in the door and some coffee and light breakfast goodies.  Each person got a chance to speak for 30 seconds about their business.  I have been to other events where some people drone on way past 30 seconds and nobody stops them.

Well they handed the microphone to a dude and off he goes and I see a lady with a timer standing in the corner.  He is going on and on and at 30 seconds this lady starts clapping and so did everyone else in the room.  The clapping was his signal to shut the yapper and pass the mic to the next person.  It was the greatest method ever of shutting someone up.

I think this method has huge up-side potential in real world applications.  Can you imagine using this to shut people up in public.  Perhaps you see someone being a complete jerk to their kid and instead of ignoring them, you start clapping and everyone else joins in.

Or maybe the person that is insulting the intelligence of a retail clerk just needs the whole store to acknowlege they can hear the conversation by clapping very loudly. 

Perhaps if I am preaching a completely boring, uninteresting sermon, everyone could just start clapping until I stop.

I won't even go to the marriage side of things.

Like I said, huge up-side potential.  Any other suggestions as to when/where this could be used?

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Jared said...

Here's another church use. Remember back to when there would be testimonies in church and there was always at least one person who you knew would just go on and on about nothing in particular. It was just their way of getting attention. I don't know if you could just start clapping after 30 sec or not, but maybe after they said something remotely like a praise report.

But who has time for testimonies in church anymore these days?