Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • Great day at Catalyst.
  • Had tons of regular folks gone.
  • Had tons of new people too.
  • Love that our folks invite their friends to Catalyst.  
  • Worship was acoustic, very nice, but it probably gave our guests a false impression of what we usually do. 
  • I am a sucker for Girl Scout Cookies, I signed up to buy two boxes.
  • Blain did a great job preaching, it will not be the last time you hear from him.  Besides, who else can incorporate a tazer and pistol object lesson into the sermon.  He did a great job at getting to the heart of the passage. 
  • I had never heard Blain preach before Sunday.
  • I am growing more and more excited for the move back to Rowlett.  I think God has big things in store for us in the next year.
  • I did not preach because I had spoken at a men's retreat the day before.  It was so nice to not have to rush back and preach on Sunday too.
  • I saw a newer couple serving at the coffee table this week, I love it!
  • Sprang led from the keyboard this week, I'll bet most of our people had no idea that he was actually a pianist before he started playing guitar in college.
  • Watched the Super Bowl.  Hoped Kurt Warner would win another won, but felt that the Steelers deserved the win.

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