Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • Great day at Catalyst.
  • We had a guest band ELworship with us from Nashville, TN.  They were very "chill" and did a great job with the worship.  They were not there to impress anybody, just lead us into the presence of God. 
  • Lots of people gone.  I am ready to have a Sunday when everyone who calls Catalyst their church actually shows up to church.  It seems each week I can count 20-30% of our regulars who are not there.  I really don't give a rip about the number, it is about the room feeling full.  We have a greater chance of guests returning if the room is full, it makes them feel less conspicuous.  It is the reason big churches get bigger, people feel at home in a crowd.
  • I think the sermon connected with a lot of people but it was completely because God spoke despite me this week.  I felt "off" as I am trying to preach with fewer notes these days.  To become a little less scripted I guess you could say.  
  • The kids and I looked forward to Heather returning home from her weekend getaway. 
  • We saw new faces this week, very cool.  We see new people nearly every week.  I love that about Catalyst.

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