Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • Killer Day at Catalyst!
  • It was great to be rocking the music again at Catalyst.  We have a had a couple of quiet weeks and they were nice, but it was back to our style again.
  • It is great to know that we are doing a music style that few in Rowlett are doing or are capable of doing.  Our music is meant to be worshipful but also relevant to folks that may walk through the doors without any history of going to church.
  • Sprang was in a zone, probably one of his best weeks leading us in the short history of the Church.
  • Love the work he does with moving lyrics and all that goes with syncing the band to those words.  It is not an easy task and I appreciate the extra effort it takes to pull it off.
  • Sometimes we pastors sense that we have a message that is special.  We get a sense that it is a message that will completely connect with our people.  Yesterday was one of those days for me.  I felt the weight of "getting it right".  I did not want to screw up what God wanted to do in the heart and life of one single person yesterday.
  • I felt like he helped me communicate clearly and passionately that Jesus is a restorer of hope to the hopeless.  It is a message that many of us clearly needed to hear.
  • We closed with communion.  I love responding to a message with communion.  It is a reminder of the tremendous work accomplished on the cross.  It is the reason for our hope.
  • Sprang and the band played a song called Song of Hope, by the Robbie Seay Band.  You can listen to some of his music for free on his website or do what I did.  Buy his album "Give Yourself Away" on Itunes for a mere $7.99.  It includes the song we sang yesterday and 12 more great songs.
  • Had a great lunch at Dickey's Barbeque in Rockwall.  Kids eat free on Sundays!  Sweet Action.
  • Went mountain biking with my buddy Blain.  We both used clip-in pedals and shoes for the first time and it went very well.  Only one minor spill and I sustained no collateral damage.  We had a newbie ride along, Dan Pence, a friend from Stillwater Church here in Rowlett.  He did a great job and seemed to have a pretty good time.
  • Heather and I had a new friend over for dinner last night and had a great time.  Heather made a great meal, we had great conversaton, and smoothies to top it all off.  Addy said, "Hillary is my best friend." after she left.
  • It was simply a great day to be alive


Anonymous said...

i want a day like this!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! Hope is something we all need. It's essential.