Friday, March 6, 2009

Back to Blogging

Okay, I tried to restructure how I blog and quite frankly it has sucked. Ever tried to emulate what some other guys do, because you think if they do it, you should do it too? Such is the case with my blog. Lots of pastors dispense infinite wisdom via their blog. I was feeling inspired that I should do the same. The problem, I am not like those guys.

Today my wife called me out (thanks honey). She said, "every since you went all churchy on your blog and basically stopped blogging...." She was right. My blog will be my blog. I will let the other guys give wisdom and then I will steal it, put it on my blog, and give them the credit. I will simply blog about life and random thoughts as I see appropriate.

I have come to realize a lot about myself through moving to TX to watch God build Catalyst Church. I realize that I am not like a lot of other church planters. In fact, there are probably a lot of church planting organizations that would not see me as a good match to do what I am doing.

I am not a topical or felt need preacher. It seems most of the churches that are growing rapidly these days are preaching topic after topic. Marriage, Finances, Family, etc... Felt need after felt need. And there is nothing wrong with it, just not the direction God is leading me.

Many of the pastors give points. Three ways to do this, four ways to do that. I have tried to do that, it is simply not in me. I believe that we can experience the story of God and connect that story to our story, we can see the heart of God and connect our heart with the very heart of God without points and lists and powerpoint presentations.

I am not good at the meet and greet or cold call. I do these things because they are a part of the gig. I am not good at working a room. I can do it. I have learned to do it, but it stresses me out. I am not a recluse but I feel much more at home speaking from a stage than chatting up a bunch of strangers. For whatever reason, it just seems shallow to me.

I tend to get uncomfortable around most other pastors, many seem fake or superficial. I don't like church politics. I don't think I have a preacher voice, even though I do get excited at times. I can't pray in the King James version. I only have two suits that fit, and only have those two because a wonderful lady in the church gave them to me. I have been known to cuss when really angry (being honest here). I am sometimes forced to preach a text that deals with one of my weaknesses (and I wonder if it means I am a hypocrite).

I say all that to say, I am Levi Lowry, I have no idea why God has called me to be a pastor. He has and I will give Him everything I've got until the day I die. I am committed to blogging about life as it happens, preaching through storytelling (Jesus did the same thing), aknowledeging weakness, and operating in the strengths God has given me.

No more trying to be like the other guy. That is my commitment to you the reader. All three of you.


phyllis penney said...

Glad you are back! Just do what God
has called you to do! Our family prays daily for you and your family. God bless.

Barnes Family said...

The first sermon I remember hearing you preach was (obviously) at Powerline. You were talking about mowing lawns, and having to do the lines in peoples yards. You said that you kept your eyes focused on one thing, and the rest seemed to work out. Chris and I knew that day that you would be awesome Senior pastor. You and Heather have had a huge impact on us and our family. So thank you for following the way God has intended you to preach and not trying to be a cookie cutter preacher!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I think I can speak for the other two readers also when I say you were sorely missed!

Nate Pruitt said...

Thanks, Levi, for being so honest. I've tried to do things like the "other guys" hoping it would be what I should do in ministry for some time. I'm finding that while God doesn't want me to push to be like all others (emulate) He DOES want me to push to do even better with my strengths! May He continue to bless you likewise, also!

HeatherLow said...

Awh babe, it's just b/c I missed reading your blog. God made you you for a reason and you are so effective when you follow God's leading! I love you and I'm glad you're back:)

Anonymous said...

Hey...I count 5 comments to this blog (well, counting mine)...that's almost twice as many as 3! So you must be doing something right! Keep it up, love your Lord, love your wife, love your family, love the knuckleheads in your church...God will take care of the rest!

Dana said...

Hey, does this mean you've got 6 readers? The reason I continue coming is that you're simply yourself when you preach, and our family is made to feel welcome and not judged. You're not quite as old as I am, but we're both too old to try to be something we're not, especially if you're following your calling. :) See you Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Dude! That's one of the refreshing things about you is that are a "what you see is what you get" kind of person. Levi, keep being transparent and who you are.

Glad to have you back to the REAL blogging.