Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In a Zone!

Ever heard someone say, "he/she is in a zone".  It is usually said in regard to sports but basically means someone is dialed in and on a roll.  It happens with pitchers in baseball, you see them sitting off in the corner by themselves in between trips to the mound.  Nobody wants to mess with his mojo.

I have to admit I was in a freakin' zone last night.  Keegan turned two and we had a small get together with friends at Chuck E Cheese.  I love  going there, I play with the kids to begin with, but after a while they will get distracted and go to the playground or watch the show. 

That is when I take a stack of tokens and scope out some game where I can get a bunch of tickets for my kids to "buy" stuff with at the end of the night.  A good take for us is somwhere around 800 tickets at the end of the night.

I decided to try skiball, I had stayed away from it since they changed to newer machines and made achieving a high score nearly impossible.  I say nearly impossible because last night on lane #6 I was a man on fire.

I figured out the speed, velocity, and placement and it was almost like robbing a casino.  The deal is that if you could score 36,000 or better, you get 100 tickets.  That is hard to do because you have to hit this little side hole to get 10,000.  That meant that I had to get 3 of 9 skiballs in the little hole on the side.  I could just chuck the other six balls in the easiest section and the tickets started flowing like water at Niagra Falls.

I ended up winning over 1500 tickets and had four games in a row that I got 100 tickets.  I am thinking about saving up enough tickets to just buy the Chuck E Cheese store.

Like I said, i was in a zone.

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