Friday, March 20, 2009

New Ad Campaign

We do a little bit of advertising here at Catalyst. I think we are spending around $350/month to get our name out there, not an easy thing to do on the cheap in Dallas. We advertise in The Coffee News, The Lakeview Image -a bimonthly magazine that goes to 40,000 homes, and an HOA newsletter hitting about 2000 homes, and a newspaper insert as well.

Here is a pic of a door-hanger that we will place the week before Easter. We have 2500 of them and hope our people will put on the walking shoes and make it happen. I actually counted 2503 homes using Google maps and created several "zones" for our people to distribute. Each zone has between 100-250 homes. They will get a sheet with highlighted streets and the correct number of door-hangers to distribute.

We went with the headline "Looking for Direction?" We figure there are lots of folks with uncertainty in their lives due to the economic crisis in our country. We hope that this may lead some to the local church. Our last ad was "We aren't your grandmas church" and it featured a picture of the same guy with a different facial expression. We plan to continue to use stock photos we found of this guy in our ads so that folks will associate his face with our church.

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phyllis penney said...

Glad you are not using "not your grandma's church" anymore. That one was kind of hard for us grandmas! LOL! ( Poor Mama would say,"Where does that leave me?)