Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Every so often I run across a snake.  Usually it is during a round of disc golf and I have been thinking that I will soon have to face one on the mountain bike trails here in North Texas.  I am not one of those guys that cares to figure out what kind of snake I am dealing with.  I don't like any of them. 

I was reading in a discussion forum yesterday and a guy posted this.  I thought it was hilarious and very much represented my view of snakes:

"There are only two kinds of snakes, and they're easy to tell apart. If it doesn't rattle, it's a cobra. There are no harmless snakes, none. That thing your buddy calls a grass snake is just a cobra trying to look innocent so it can kill you. It should also be noted that snakes can bend the rules of nature and kill you more than once. Oh and don't think for a moment that the cobras and rattlers aren't reading this and adjusting their plans accordingly. . Evil is known for it's ability to brood and plot."

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