Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • Great day at Catalyst.
  • Music was great.  Sprang and the band continue to sound great.
  • Good crowd.  There is always more freedom in the room when there are more people.
  • Heard lots of laughter today. Don't thik I was particularly funny, just think people felt free-er to laugh because there were more people.
  • Felt God was pleased with the message.
  • We loaded all of our sound equipment into a truck and took it to the new building.  Very cool to be moving stuff that way.
  • We gave two sections of our stage to a church plant in Austin.  They have no idea how heavy those things are, but we are glad to support a new church in this way.
  • We had new faces in the service. I love to see new folks checking us out.
  • We have returning guests as well.  I love to see people coming back several weeks in a row.
  • Did not get to ride my mountain bike Sunday and missed it big time. 
  • My family arrived home at 2:30 a.m. Sunday, it was great to have them back.  The house felt like a home again the instant they arrived.

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