Friday, March 13, 2009

This probably means I'm a girl but...

... I fit into my skinny jeans today.  I have been trying to lose some weight for over a month now and truthfully the weight has not come off as fast as I had originally hoped, but I have been eating better and exercising a lot more (I even found $10 while running yesterday).

I have felt my jeans fitting looser, but thought it was because I had worn them several times without washing them, I am pretty sure that is a normal thing to do with jeans. 

I had these jeans/pants sitting in the top of my closet that were never actually wearable.  I had bought them off some clearance rack because they looked cool and were only $5.  They didn't fit when I bought them and I had my doubts about ever being able to wear them.  This morning I pulled them down to see if they were fitting any better than before. 

Imagine my surprise when I pulled the button towards the button hole and there was no straining, no sucking-in, no need for a button extender.  There was actually about a half inch to an inch of extra room in the waist of the pants.  I was pretty pumped.  I may not be losing a lot of pounds but I am losing inches.

So let the comments fly about how prissy I am and I will read them while proudly wearing my skinny jeans.


Anonymous said...

so does this mean I can't use the excuse that the reason my times on the trails are slow is cuz i'm following a clydesdale?

Levi said...

I am still a Clydesdale my friend. Your excuse is still good.

Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on the jeans fitting, Nancy-boy...;)