Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work Day Recap

Honestly, the day started a bit crappy personally. I wanted to be at the building 30 minutes early and the van had a flat tire. Catalyst showed up in force to get a lot accomplished. We got tons of stuff done. Here are some highlights.
  • Hung 12 sets of blinds. Huge props to Gary and Denise for making this happen. The rocked the blinds. Mike Bowers helped here too.
  • Hung 5 tv mounts and 5 tvs. Thanks to Chris and Andrew.
  • Put edging on the stage. Thanks to Blain and Mitchell
  • Side note: Mitchell got pulled over in Andrew's truck, could not remember Andrew's name, pulled out the registration for the officer and it had Andrew's mom's name on it, snd the cop told him to have a nice day. I would have been in jail for a similar offense.
  • Picked-up and delivered my office furniture to my new office.
  • Lots of general cleaning, wiping down doors, getting the crud out of the concrete etching, sweeping, moping, cleaning toilets and counters, etc... too many people to thank on that one.
  • Got the kid's room set.
  • Assembled the activity tables for the pre-school rooms. Thanks Chris.
  • Pulled the protecting wrapping off the pre-school charis. Thanks Riley.
  • Pulled all the celophane and cardboard protection stuff off of the stacked chairs, and restacked them agains the walls. The chairs are off the hook cool.
  • Swept and mopped most of the worship center floor.
  • Finished or nearly finished the sound booth build-out.
  • Got the sound snake run under the sound booth floor.
  • Reinforced the shelf over the stage.
  • Set up the gas range.
  • Installed a microwave.
  • Hung storage shelves in the pre-school rooms.
  • scraped putty and junk off of the external glass doors.
  • Threw away a bunch of crap that was just sitting around.
I am sure I missed some stuff and am tired enough that I just stopped typing the shout-outs. I came home and crashed for a while and am about to crash again.

As I look back at all we got done, I am just blown away. Thanks to each of you who gave up a majority of your Saturday to whip the place into shape. It is so encouraging to have folks come and serve. Here is a list off the top of my head of the Work Day Heroes. If I forgot you, you are still a hero, just leave a comment telling me how bad my memory is.

  • Gary and Denise
  • Deana
  • Chris, Sheri, Riley, Griffen
  • Mitchell, Melissa, Isaiah
  • Jonathan and Meagan
  • B-rad
  • Andrew and Marilyn
  • Rob McDonald
  • Mike and Liz
  • Blain
  • Tim, Pam, Ryan, Detarious (and that ridiculous toy baby he is watching for a class at school)
  • Levi, Heather, Addy, Keegan
  • Bryan and Leslie
  • David Fink

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