Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • WOW!  What a day at Catalyst.
  • Six people recomitted their life to Christ.
  • 156 in total attendance.
  • 17 kids in "The Lab". (Kid's Church)
  • 8 kids in each of the pre-school rooms.
  • 4 babies in the nursery and several more in the worship center.
  • Parking lot was 100% full & we had lots of Catalyst folks park off-site.  Gotta get this figured out quick.
  • Music was great.  Maybe a tad louder than normal, but it was Easter and our Grand Opening!  I think that deserves a little bump in the volume.
  • Rachel did a great job with her testimony.  I know it hit home for some folks that heard it.
  • Had a good racial mix at church.  I love it.  I want our church to resemble our community.
  • Saw several people taking free Bibles on the way out the door.  That is one budget item I hope we get to increase this year.  Give away more Bibles.
  • Heard, "we watched this thing being built, and were just waiting for you to open the doors" about 10 times yesterday.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.
  • Loved the ruckus the kids made when we sent them off to the "The Lab".  It was great to hear the pitter-pat of little feet on the floor.
  • I feel God was honored in everything that was said and done.
  • Went to Rob and Sue McDonald's home for lunch.  They treated us like family, which was great.
  • My kids had a great day that included two small Easter egg hunts. 
  • Had a lot of pastor friends in the area call and ask how the day went.  It means a lot to have a bunch of pastor's in the area genuinely rooting for us.
  • Can't wait to begin following up with our guests.  Sending each kid a surprise in the mail.  Should be a lot of fun.
  • Everything is still soaking in.  It truly is one of those "I still hasn't hit me" kind of events for me.

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