Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bike Crash today...

I feel certain that healthy fear kept me out of the hospital today.  We just talked about fear on Sunday and for a second today, I thought I might be well on my way to meeting my maker.

I like to ride my bike to my office.  It is less than a mile and I can ride through the neighborhood and can avoid busy streets.  I like to ride the sidewalks and jump the sections where the alleys intersect the sidewalk.  This is illegal and stupid because you can't see the vehicles coming out of the ally until they are right in front of you.

Well, my new bike and I nearly met an Ford F-250 up close today.  I was moving pretty good on the sidewalk and sure enough this monster truck appears about 20 ft. in front of me.  Nothing to do but grab both brake levers on the bike and hope for the best.  In one of those slow motion moments that lasts less than a second, I was over handlbars, landing on my hands and sliding on my forearms until I slid to a stop less than 5 ft. from the truck.

I think I scared the mess out of the owner of the truck.  He jumped out to check on me and kept apologizing.  I told him that it was my fault for being on the sidewalk and that I was fine.  The "I was fine" line was a lie I was telling myself as much as I was telling him.  I was fine, but had blood dripping off my hands and both elbows, lol. 

I slid on my belly and have a bit of road rash, a sore quad muscle and a thumb that is hurting like crazy, but I am lucky for several things:
  • That the truck was not one second later, because we would have collided.
  • That I didn't land on my head or face as I was NOT wearing a helmet.
  • That I did not have to go to the hospital.
  • That I didn't trash my new bike by smacking that truck.  
I really do feel as though God protected me today, and am grateful for it.

I will spare everyone photos of the unfortunate event.


[b]rad said...

Wow dude...sorry to hear about your injuries, but I'm glad you're OK.

Rich said...

Man, Levi...I'm really glad to hear that you are ok. And I am certain that God was in deed protecting you! Thank you, God!

Btw, I'm on twitter now believe it or not...and following you.

See you tomorrow!