Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moved by music...

I am one of those guys that has a hard time hearing the words to songs. I basically like a song because of it's melody or groove. This is not always the case, but seems to happen quite a bit. I even wrote last week that I am not "moved" by music very often, but it seems to be happening more and more often lately.

I stumbled across this video and watched these kids sing. Somebody has taught them to sing from the heart. I was moved once again in watching/listening to them. I am afraid that some Sunday's I just come in and sing songs. I am not expecting to be moved by the music. I want to be careful to be fully in tune with what I am singing.

I am resolving to begin paying more attention to what is being said in any song I sing. I think God can use all kinds of music genres to stir something up inside of us, not just worship songs.

Can you remember the first time you were moved by a song? When was the last time?

Here is the video for your enjoyment:

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