Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not having a good day

Amazing how one phone call can change a day isn't it?  Things were ok until Heather called and asked if I took the DVD players and radar detector out of the van.  Obviously, I did not, which means we were robbed.  The sucky part about this is it is my fault.  I had the kids yesterday and forgot to lock the van as I was getting them in the house.  Heather is not happy with me, and with excellent reason, this is the third time this has happened since we moved into this house.  Each time, I left the door unlocked.  TTo date we have lost a digital camera, my birthday GPS, and now my dad's radar detector and the kid's dvd players.

I have had several thoughts of what I would like to do/say to the person who snatched out stuff:
  1. First thought was to challenge them to a cage match.  If I win, you give me the stuff back, you win, you get to keep it.  The person better bring their A game because I want to punch them in the face.  (Not exactly a What Would Jesus Do response)
  2. Put up a sign in the yard telling the person that they forgot some of my stuff when they robbed the van, my disc golf equipment for example, and see if they would like to come and take it too.
  3. Hook up a hidden camera and nail the punk trying to steal an empty wallet that I would leave in plain view.  Good old bait and bustem'!
  4. Put up a picture of my kids near where we park the van and let the person see the kids that they robbed when they took the dvd player.
  5. Invite the person over for dinner, tell them our story, listen to their story and see if they are compelled to give the stuff back or see if I am compelled to let them keep it.
  6. Put sign up all over the neighborhood with reward offers for information leading the the arrest of the punk.
  7. Put a rubbermaid container behind the house for them to return the stuff in with a big sign behind it letting them know I would be glad to have them return it with no questions asked.
I will be listing stuff on craigslist tonight to raise the money to replace the stuff that was taken.  I am so dang angry at myself and the lowlife that felt the need to riffle through my van.


Anonymous said...

We have been robbed several times. My oldest son has had every bike he's ever owned stolen (he's 13). Sometimes his fault, but sometimes not. Someone broke into Jason's car then used the garage door opener to open the garage and steal from my car. Meanwhile the door to the house from the garage was unlocked. They could have come into the house. I've become quite the optomist so I try to see the bright side. For example, I will remember to lock the door from now on, but since this has happened to you several times, you might not be able to use this one. Maybe they needed it more than I did. I have an example to teach my children with. I know it doesn't help with the anger and feelings of violation, but hopefully you get a cage match out of it!!

julesfink said...

i really like # 5...a LOT!

bikecop said...

Call me old fashioned...but #1 has a nice ring to it! Of course it was probably some neighborhood kid who did it, so you'd end up in jail charged with injury to a child. It would make a nice headline, though..."Local pastor jailed after beating up 11 year old neighbor, details at 10"