Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • Wild Day at Catalyst.
  • I figured there would be about 4 people at church as a result of Swine Flu fears and the monsoon that rolled through the night before.  Instead we had 74.  Not shabby.
  • There was a demon in the speakers during the first song.  Holy crap, that was some crazy feedback.  I will be a happy man if I never hear that sound again as long as I live.
  • My headset mic was whackadoodle too, forcing me to use a handheld.
  • Once we got the ringing out of our ears, we had a pretty good service. 
  • The band was rockin'.  I love the fact that we have solid musicians @ Catalyst. 
  • I will be honest, I felt like I struggled with the sermon.  I am not just saying that.  It did not "feel" good, but God seemed to really use it anyway.  I have had several people purposely tell me that it was something they needed to hear.
  • The music following the sermon was powerful.  Sprang has really wrestled with using a certain song in corporate worship and we decided to use it this week. 
  • You can view a chick singing it here
  • That song moves me.  I not a sucker for being moved to tears by a song very often, but this one got me.
  • I feel like some people walked out of church knowing for the first time in their lives that God is for them.  That he is a loving God that will never stop loving them.
  • We had a great lunch with friends.
  • I got to throw a quick round of disc golf with a great friend.
  • We had our first ever Lowry Family pillow fight.  Keegan was an animal and Addy laughed too hard to inflict any damage.
  • I'm already looking forward to next Sunday.  Bring a friend.

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Julie said...

Hey Levi, GREAT SONG!! My church sings that all the time. I attend the greatest church ever ( I love hearing how God uses you to reach others for Him. There is no greater gift.