Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • Great Day at Catalyst.
  • We do the whole Mother's Day/Father's Day/National Holiday thing a little differently than a lot of churches.  Not saying anybody is right or wrong on the deal, but we acknowledge the event, but don't focus the whole service around it.
  • We gave Starbucks cards to our moms.  Seemed to be a big hit.
  • Worship was good as usual.  Loved the song at the end.  Be your grace.  We never mention it, but Sprang writes several of the songs we sing and this was one of them.  It was a nice finish to the day.
  • Got some good feedback on the message.  Had to say some stuff that made me a bit uncomfortable.  I know some of the stuff was not what people wanted to hear.  Gotta preach what the word says, even if I know it won't please everyone. 
  • I am not a fan of preaching something that I don't have a good handle on in my own life.  Happens on a fairly regular basis, I had to take a very scary action step in order to preach with a clear heart this weekend.  Nothing nutso, just had to take a step in the right direction in damaged relationship.
  • Had a few guests and several families that have been coming regularly since Easter.  I love love love that the Catalyst family is growing.
  • We received an offering for one of our college students going to India on a mission trip to distribute Bibles.  Catalyst came through with nearly $800 for the trip.  I love that our people give generously. 
  • Did a cheap lunch so we could do a nice dinner for Mother's Day.  Worked out nice as we shared a 16 oz Ribeye at Texas Roadhouse.  Great dinner as a family.
  • Keegan and Heather got a nap as Addy and I went to play as Addy and I went to play disc golf at Harry Myers Park in Rockwall. 
  • Addy talked me into letting her play in the sprinkler park in her dress.  She had a blast.

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