Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday Recap

  • One of the best days ever at Catalyst in my estimation.
  • We are seeing a ton of new folks these days.  Very grateful for it.
  • Saw two families that attended the Open House we sponsored the day before.  We did not even push for people to come on Sunday, it just happened.  How sweet is that?
  • The band sounded great, I could actually hear people in the crowd singing on a couple of songs.
  • Sermon felt pretty good, tried to wrap our minds around "perfect love drives out fear".  I think a lot of us got it.
  • Newcomer lunch rocked.
  • Over 20 new folks stayed for lunch.  Closer to 30 actually.
  • Taco bar was off the chain.  Mike and Annette knocked it out of the park with the food.  Love those two.  Happy to be marrying them soon. 
  • Newcomer presentation was a tad long, but pretty good for our first try.
  • Personal note:  I got a stinkin' sweet deal on a mountain bike Sunday afternoon.  Can't wait for the trails to dry out enough to actually ride the thing.
  • Hung out with Sprang and Meagan for a while Sun. afternoon.  Love that Sprang and I have a legit friendship, love working and hanging with him and Meagan.
  • Dinner with some great friends. 
  • Stayed up a bit late playing Mario Kart online (yes I can kick your butt at Mario Kart), but had fun doing it.

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