Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunday Recap

Obviously I am on top of things, it is Wed. morning and I am just now posting a Sunday Recap.
  • Brandon Whiteside and his wife Ashley were with us. He led worship for us and did a fantastic job.
  • Weird not having my sidekick (Sprang) with me. I think it is good for me and for us as a church to have a couple of weeks without him in order to remind us of what a talented, tall, longhaird, bushy goteed, all out worshipping freek, we are blessed to have on a weekly basis.
  • Had a great crowd even with a TON of people gone. I have been hoping that we would see growth this summer, when a lot of churches see attendence hit the basement.
  • We had crazy tech difficulties this a.m. The video preacher stopped in mid sentence and appeared to be in full rigor. NOT GOOD. Brandon helped us by leading a song, and I proceeded to talk about poop in a spiritual way. IT SUCKED. A disaster of disasters.
  • The video came back up but without sound. I wanted to crawl out the side door. We finally got it back on the screen with sound, but I was toast. I think this stuff bothers me more than most people sitting in a chair.
  • This is how big God is... that afternoon I heard from one of our regulars that a family member of theirs is attracted to our church because of how laid back we are and the fact that I talked about poop.
  • Took the Whiteside fam to Burger Island. Soooo good everytime. It was great to talk with them. I have never really been able to spend significant time with Brandon. Great to chat and hear his heart.
  • Drove to the Buckner exit toward Dallas to buy some pedals from a guy at the Dorba Fourms for $20. After some himhawing, I decided I wanted them and reached for my wallet. Much to my surprise, the dude GAVE them to me. What? Wouldn't take a dime. Very cool surprise.
  • Drove to Sam's club to buy a tv. We slept on it a night as not to make an impulse buy, got there and it was closed. Went Monday and it was gone. BOOOO. It was a one shot deal, open box tv.
  • Ate at McAllisters. Great club sandwich and potato.
  • Aside form the techno difficulity it was a great Sunday and a phenomenal Father's Day. Love my kids so much. Addy kept asking "Is it still Father's Day" And was still asking on Monday.

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