Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday Recap...

  • Great day at Catalyst. Best in a while in my opinion.
  • Everything ran smoothly and it was great to have our own worship band back in the saddle after a couple of weeks without them.
  • Started a new series: Why Do We Do This? We looked at why do we sing.
  • Sermon was a lot of fun to preach, I don't normally preach bullet points but I did yesterday in hopes of preparing our hearts to sing.
  • We set out fewer chairs and it felt like the room was full. Lot's more crowd response and engergy than we have had in a while.
  • We sang one song, did announcements, I preached, then we did about six more songs. Much different than the usual format.
  • Sprang did a great job with the video we played before the sermon. It was a lot of fun and a great lead-in to the sermon.
  • We encouraged Catalyst to sing and did the EVER. It was so awesome to hear everyone singing so strongly. Several times Sprang backed away from the mic and you could hear the whole room filled with voices, it was incredible.
  • My back was killing me yesterday so we did a drive-thru lunch and I plopped on the couch with a heating pad and watched a great documentary on Netflix. I don't think the heating pad helped much...
  • The band played at another church last night and did a great job. It was a good ending to a great day.

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Rich said...

Dude! Last Sunday rocked! Great job on the message!